Sunday, August 26, 2007

Chalifour Family vs. Left

The purpose of the Chalifour Family blog was always to focus on the good moments in our lives. When I sat down at my computer (usually at night) I would say to myself "what good thing happened today?" That is a great thing. It causes a person to appreciate the little things in life and remember that among all of the chaos and "living" those little moments are important. I explained this in a post once called "Why I blog".
It is important to me that I keep on the same path with the Chalifour blog because, now more than ever, we need to appreciate those moments. However, I cannot deny the sadness, pain and confusion that is going on right now. To leave it out of the blog makes me feel like I am not being truthful. To put it in makes me feel like the blog is taking a new direction, which I don't want.
So I have created this blog. I understand that people are concerned about me and I appreciate that. I don't want to close people off when they ask me "how are you" and I don't have the heart to know where to begin, or wonder if they really want to know the answer. So you can find out here. If you want to. And if you don't, then you can keep checking on the kids on the Chalifour Family blog.


Katie said...

I can completely understand why you created this blog and I will be reading.

Steph said...

I'll be here too.

Heather said...

Rob, I'll be reading every day.
Love, Heather

Amanda said...
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Kim said...

Thank you Robin. I think this new blog will help me. I DO want to know how you are doing, no matter how painful it will be. I want to know when you've been able to have a good laugh...or a good cry. Thanks for sharing, I'll be reading.

Amanda said...

I deleted my first comment because I mistyped ... I meant to say I am glad you created this blog and will be reading.

Tracey said...

Thank you so much for creating such
a great connection to you and your feelings. Not a day goes by that
you are not on my mind. I wonder
everyday how you are. I want everyday for you to know that I care for you three so much as everyday do I want to know how your are!! I love you guys!

Nicki said...

Robin, I wanted you to know that I am always thinking about you.