Friday, May 20, 2011


I read this quote in a book recently and although the book itself was just okay, I have thought about the quote below a thousand times since reading it. The guy is referring to his wife (Mary) who he was once deeply, deeply in love with, but their marriage did not last.

"I carry a tattoo of Mary on my arm that I wear like a badge, a jewel, a wound, a way to remind myself that love and pain, like blood and ink, swim in the same sea." - Scott Weiland

I think the reason why I like these words so much is because they remind me we are all a sum of all that has happened in our lives, and we should not ignore those things, ever. We should not go on and try to forget pain and pretend it never happened. To go on and face the future with hope despite all the hurt in our past, is courageous.

Pain is a reminder, that love is real.

And in my opinion, in the end, love is all there is.