Saturday, September 12, 2009


My niece Jordyn, Joe's sister's daughter, relapsed with cancer on monday. She was diagnosed with Leukemia at 15 months, relapsed at age 4, had a bone marrow transplant at 5 and was cancer free until monday, at age 8.

As you can understand this is devastating news. You cannot imagine what this beautiful child has been through and the lengths her family has gone to to get and keep her healthy. The fact that she has to do it all again is numbing to all of us who know a fraction of the details.

Although this has had a profound effect on me, is what I am thinking about (constantly), is the center of my current method of parenting, etc, I truly feel it would be entirely disrespectful for me to blog here about how this all feels for me. I know that no matter how I feel, it is a million times worse for Jordyn's mother, father and sister. Every single ray of hope, prayer, and wish of strength should go straight to them. They need it so please, think of them often.

That being said I wanted to mention it here because it feels dishonest to completely deny this huge thing that is going on. Also, when I don't post for long periods I get emails wondering if I am okay. So, take my new posts or lack thereof, with the understanding of what I (we) are watching from a close distance.