Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Luke's tooth

I am feeling better about it now, but Luke's tooth breaking really threw me for a loop. At first when I thought it was a baby tooth I wasn't feeling too bad, but once I realized it was his (only) adult tooth I could feel a wave of distress come over me.
I am sure to most people that might sound a little weird...but I am not "normal" at this point.
My unsettled feelings came from three places:
One, from just feeling like a plain bad mother for not really taking him seriously when he said his tooth hurt. But geesh...that must have hurt!
Two, from worrying that his front adult tooth was broken and what would it look like when it grows all the way in...what will they have to do to fix it...could it get infected...will it hurt him when they fix it, etc etc. ( I would classify these are "regular" parental worries).
And three, I felt like I let Joe down. I can't explain this and like I said, it probably seems silly. But that's how I feel.
I basically went to bed last night extremely upset. Before going to sleep I wrote and wrote and wrote and tried to figure out why this incident was doing such a number on me. I didn't really come up with any answers. Today I felt better though. But it's rough...because Joe used to comfort me with all my worries about our children. I miss him so much.


Steph said...

You couldn't let Joe down that way...he thought you were a wonderful mother and was so proud of you.

I'm sorry he's not here with you.

Amanda said...

You couldn't have prevented it from happening, and I sure Joe would have said the same thing. You had him out playing with his friends and again that is what Joe would have done. You are a wonderful mother and don't let anything make you think differently. You won't ever let Joe down because he loves you so much!

Heather said...

You couldn't have let uncle joe down. You are the mother to his children and you are one of the best parents I know....both of you are

love you

Anonymous said...

Robin, don't feel badly. My son complained his hand hurt after he punched his brother. I told him not to complain he shouldn't have been hitting his brother and to suck it up. Well, guess what, 10 days later (10 mind you) he couldn't hold his lacrosse stick at all, so his coach told me to have him checked out - he had a boxer's fracture that was 10 DAYS OLD!!!! But, he survived, graduated high school, is going to college, and all is well with the world. Those things happen.