Sunday, December 16, 2007


Sometimes my mind is on something else for a while.............then I am snapped back to reality.............and I think "Has enough time passed yet? Is this over now?"

Most of the time when we are experiencing something difficult, there is a time-period associated with it where we must endure the stress...and then things go back to "normal". But there is no time-period for this. It is forever. There is no going back.

My heart aches to think of never seeing Joe again....and to think that my marriage to him is over.


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Anonymous said...

I wish there where a "when". I wish we all knew a time to tell you. "Don't worry, when you wake up ______ it will all be a bad memory". I wish it worked that way.

Keep plugging, keep being an amazing mom...I can only imagine how hard it is, but you continue to prove just how strong you really are.