Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Stone Wall Part II

I need to acknowledge that building the stone wall was not an easy job, as you can imagine. My father did this on hot, humid summer days when it was 90+ degrees, sometimes all day. Stone after stone, each one was laid with the knowledge of what it was for.

And building the wall for me, made it even harder. When it was (what I considered to be) two-thirds done, I said "build it higher please!" and of course he did. More stones...more heat...more beautiful.

Many people know that my parents have been with me on and off, since July. They have never left me for very long and always come back whenever I need them. I am sure some people have wondered why I don't talk here about the things that they have done for me. The answer is that I cannot put most of these things into words that adequately convey my feelings. The lists of "projects completed" is not sufficient.

I can tell you that my father built a back-breaking wall, my mother plays with my kids and a whole list (and I mean a HUGE LIST) of things that they have done and sacrifices they have made for me. However those things...although they are appreciated to the highest degree...they do not touch the underlying premise for what all of his really means.

Every trip here from Vermont says "We are here for you".

Every project completed for me says "We're going to do this together".

Every meal made for me and the kids says "We love you".

Every living room conversation says "Keep talking".

Every babysitting marathon says "Your time alone is important".

Every time they blow up that damn mattress on the living room floor they are saying to me "Your life is our life right now".

These things are sacred to me. There is no one on this earth other than me and my parents who knows the long list of things they have physically done for me, and there is no one on this earth other than me who understands the depth of what they have provided for me mentally, in order to get through the last 5 months of my life.

I have teased my parents through the years about things they did "wrong" while I was growing up, as I am sure my own kids will do to me someday. But about this era, there will be no critique. My parents have shown the fierce love that a mother and father can have for a child. I feel lucky to be their daughter.

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