Tuesday, July 29, 2008

July 29, the day we got married

8 years ago Joe and I had the time of our lives at our wedding. It poured rain that day, unbelievably hard. My friend Jody has told me several times she's never seen it rain that hard in her life. People told me that it is good luck to have rain on your wedding day. I never had a reason to dispute that. We danced to a disco band and we left for 2 weeks in Hawaii the next day. Times were unbelievably good.

1 year ago I sat under a tent in my yard for a while in the afternoon and visited with friends that had traveled to be with me and my family after the accident. Then I walked in the house and sat at my desk and I wrote my husband's eulogy.

Today I sat on the ground at my husband's grave.



Steph said...

I wish you peace.

Allard Family Blog said...

You are in our thoughts.
Sheila and Steve.