Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I must admit I've had a few chuckles over the title of my last post. The day after I wrote it I looked as it again and I was like, "WOW". In real life I am not as miserable as my posts as of late seem. It's just one side of me, a side that needs a voice so that can get all this nasty stuff out of my brain.



Steph said...

I know that Rob...you just keep letting it out...love you!

Heather said...

Anyone who has ever known you at all knows that this is just one part of you and I, for one, love this deep-reflective-soulful-thinking-complex-real-heavy part of you. I love the other parts of you too (the light, funny, sweet parts), but in all honesty I'd think it was very strange if you weren't feeling these things that you write about. And just so you know, at least from my perspective, it isn't all as 'nasty' as you think it is. It is just real. I appreciate every post you write and each one makes me pause and think. Thank you for this blog.
love you,