Friday, December 11, 2009

When I first met Joe he would often pretend he was someone else on the phone when he called me just to be silly. It was funny for a while because it was part of who he was, always this wacky, happy guy.

Then he kept doing it.

For years.

And years.

And years.

And years!

He seriously did this for as long as I knew him. He'd call and obviously I always knew it was him (we were way, way, WAY past him being able to fool me and he had stopped trying really.) He would use the same crazy voice and way of talking EVERY TIME. Sometimes I'd just let him babble on about whatever nutty thing he was in the mood to talk about...pretend he was the phone company guy....pretend he was selling paper....pretend he was looking to buy bird food....whatever. I'd hold the phone and barely pay attention until he was done and we could get onto our normal conversation. Other times I'd tell him to stop and we'd resume normal conversation faster. I'd say to him "Joe, you've been doing this for YEARS. Doesn't it get old for you?" but of course it never did.

I swear if he could call me from wherever he is now, he'd pretend he was someone else, probably claiming he saw me steal his pet rooster or some crazy thing like that.


Matthew said...

"Hey, this is Frank"...

Katie said...

ha ha, he was so funny! i will never forget his sense of humor.

Kim said...

I remember him calling Mom one time in Belmont. I think he pretended to be selling magazines. Mom ended up hanging up on him. He called back and we all had a big laugh. I will never forget the image of my mother being so mad at first and hanging up the phone while he tried to get her to buy a magazine. She politely tried to tell him "no", but I guess he was very persistant, so she hung up on him. Funny guy....very funny.

JoAnn said...

I remember that too. she wasnt just mad, she was REALLY mad, because he was calling during Oprah or something and it wasn't a commercial.

Keith said...

Good Afternoon Solid Advantage this is Keith

Hey it's Frank...Frank Rizzo. Do you guys sell those things. You know those, aaaaahhhhhh, cages that you lock your kids in when they are being all unruly?

Well do you know where I can get one.

He did it probably 10 times to me. I'm pretty sure the first time he did it I hadn't even met him yet.

He also called several times bitching up a storm that we messed up his counters and I better get my a** to his house right now or he was calling the cops...


Anonymous said...

he called our house many times. usually he was calling for robin and sometimes she would hear me talking to someone and she would say "mom it's just joe." i fell for it everytime! when i did hang up on him, he would call back laughing his head off.