Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Doctor's appt

Yesterday I had a scheduled yearly doctor's appointment. By this time I am used to giving my new health insurance information, telling them why I have new health insurance information and I generally mentally prepare myself to walk into a public setting where questions will be asked of me. However, when the nurse (who had not been told of Joe's accident) brought me to the room, she asked me a question that I had not aniticipated--specifically "what are you using for birth control?"-- I completely lost it.

Up to this point I had pretty much been able to keep myself composed in all of these situations, but not yesterday.

So by the time the doctor came in I had regained my composure. She said "I need to listen to your heart" and in that instant I heard these words in my head so loud and clear:

"well that's broken."


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Katie said...


This post brought tears to my eyes.
I don't even know what to say, I just hope/pray that your heart can heal and that you will be ok.