Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Chalifour Vodka Friday

Sometime in 2006 when Alyssa was sleeping regularly through the night I realized that **maybe** I could have a couple cocktails and not worry about having to get up at night, etc. I had pretty much given up having any alcohol at all for years...since I got pregnant with Luke. Well this turned out to be so much fun, I gave it a name ("Chalifour Vodka Friday") and it kind of took on a life of it's own. Basically, it was our night. We had an agreement that neither of us would make any plans with anyone on a Friday. We also had an agreement that we did not ask if Chalifour Vodka Friday was on, because, if it was Friday, IT WAS ON.

It was so awesome.

I was being silly one day and I wrote down the rules (below) and hung them up. If you read these rules, you might be like "why does Joe have to do everything?" and the honest truth is that he didn't have to do anything, but he liked to. He did most of the things on the list anyway, and I liked it so much I decided to make them actual rules, so he didn't ever get any funny ideas of changing anything. :-)
Official rules of “Chalifour Vodka Friday”

1. All drinks are to be made by Joe upon need.

2. Under-counter lights are to be left on during festivities.

3. Ice bucket is to be kept full at all times, and maintained by Joe.

4. Joe is to get all cards and coins out as needed.

5. All ice, drink glasses and straws are to be disposed of before bed, so that no one gets up to any evidence that CVF ever occurred.

6. All are kind to their future selves…take water up and take an aspirin.
Oh my gosh Joe I miss you so much.


Steph said...

I miss calling on friday nights and hearing loud music and the kids acting crazy with daddy in the background. I miss the pure joy I would hear in my sisters voice on those friday nights.

Heather said...

This post, combined with Stephanie's comment, made me cry more than any other post I've read on "LEFT" so far. Love you Rob, HBJ

Anonymous said...

several times i called your house in the past and you were gone shopping or something. Joe would answer after many rings and there would be whoopin and hollering in the backgroud. i'd say "it sounds like your having a party". he always said "it's always a party around here"!

Keith said...

Earlier this year I had invited Joe over to play some cards on a Friday night and he instantly replied 'oh its on Friday...sorry I can't make it.' I said 'what do you mean you can't make it?' He went on to explain the Vodka Friday commitment. I said 'Well if you do it every Friday can't you get out of it THIS Friday? His reply was 'Yes, I could probably get out of it...but I don't want to.'
I thought that was awesome.