Monday, October 8, 2007

I Miss You

Joe used to say "I missed you today" to me a lot when he got home from work. He said it so much that I actually would be like, "what do you mean, you missed me? I just saw you like, 9 hours ago". Honestly, my family will attest that I did not understand this. I wasn't trying to be mean or rude or anything, I just didn't understand why he said it so much, because I didn't think that he really could miss me after such a short time, and so often.
I had pretty much forgotten this phenomenon in the last couple of months. Tonight when I was driving home from the grocery store (alone), I let out a deep loud sigh, as I often do when I am alone, and out of my mouth came "I miss you". My mind went instantly to him and how much he said it to me.
Once again I was reminded of how lucky I am that Joe was so vocal and freely giving of his love and feelings for me. I have hundreds of I missed you todays to remember and now I don't wonder at all why he said them.


Kim said...

Joe was such a wonderful, loving husband.

Steph said...

I'm glad you have those "I missed you's".

JoAnn said...

I miss you too Robin.
Every night I say, I'm leaving here on time and going to see my sister. and i dont.
i'm sorry.

Tracey said...

He did have so many feelings of love for you Robin. "I miss you too Joe!!!"