Saturday, November 3, 2007


When Luke was around age 3 and learning his last name, I used to tell him that our name was "ChaliFOUR" because there are four people in our family. I told him that before Alyssa was born our last name was "Chalithree". Yes, maybe it seems mean to do to a kid but it was all in fun. After a while (months at least) he figured out that I was kidding. However, even after he figured it out I still always stuck to my guns that our name is ChaliFOUR because there were 4 of us. He would just smile at me like I was crazy.

So for the last three months I have been dreading the topic coming up. When we talk about our last name, or when Alyssa says it, as she likes to do now, I am afraid that my silliness will come to Luke's mind and make him as sad as it makes me.

He doesn't say anything about it.


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