Thursday, November 29, 2007


Today I was driving home on a country road, in the middle of nowhere, and what do I see on the side of the road, standing at the edge of a driveway?


She was the spitting image of my young Carlie without her ears cropped and her coat shiny. I almost pulled the car over so I could pet her. Just looking at her I could practically feel how soft and big her head would be.

TODAY this happened, the day after I posted about Carlie. I have not laid eyes on another great dane, much less a black one that looked exactly like my dog, since the last day I saw Carlie.

Weird coincidence.

Ohhhh I want a great dane!!


Anonymous said...

it's a sign...

Steph said...

Alyssa would REALLY like one too!
Oh she just LOVED holding all those puppies yesterday at the pet store in the mall.(so did FOUR dogs too many?)

Heather said...

Just get one! Do it for Christmas. Don't think more about it. Just DO IT!

Katie said...

Honestly Robin, I believe nothing is coincidental.
That is so cool.

Steph said...

I like Heather's advice...

JoAnn said...

go to that website i told you about and rescue one...or two. you would be doing something good for yourself and the dog.

Steph said...

TWO Dogs!!!! Yay, I love two dogs!
I'm so excited!

Jenny_Lin said...

Do it.