Sunday, January 6, 2008

Joe was the epitomy of the phrase, "enjoy the ride". He was a happy person who found fun in the journey of whatever he was doing. He was not hurried, and generally did not feel the weight of the world as many of us do.

He did not take himself too seriously, and was always the first, to all of our delight, to put himself in the center of a situation.

If there was a party that needed a person to break in the dance floor, Joe was the man.

If there was a Bruins game that needed someone to stand up and yell something silly, Joe was the man.

If there was a campfire that needed a funny, outrageous story to be told, Joe was the man.

He was such a great, free spirit. I don't think I could ever stop missing him.


Anonymous said...

Joe WAS the man! One of a kind. I miss him too.

I think of you every day Robin.


Steph said...

I miss him so much.
I always will.

Heather said...

Oh Rob, what a beautiful, beautiful post. ~hbj

Anonymous said...

Joe is a big link that held everyone together......He was the best whatever Friend, Husband,Father,Brother,Nephew,Grandson and Son.......