Thursday, January 3, 2008

Some people may know that I am kind of a news junkie. At night I flip between Fox News, CNN and MSNBC. (Now.....don't post your comments about my "other side"....the one that reads a People magazine or US Weekly from cover to cover....that's some sort of weird phenomenon that I can't explain). ANYWAY...

So, tonight I was flipping, and I watched John Edwards give his speech in Iowa. He was talking about the millions of people who go to bed every night without health care; the people who will be diagnosed with a horrible disease and will not be able to get treatment; the hundreds of thousands of veterans who live on the streets in this country, on and on.

It is freezing outside.

All of sudden I felt like I have been..............kind of............. selfish in the last few months for forgetting about the rest of the world. Almost every moment of my time has been spent thinking about my kids, my husband, my life, my, my, my. Listening to Edwards talk tonight about single mothers who live on the streets with their kids, reminded me that my children and I are lucky in a lot of ways.

My kids ate breakfast, lunch and dinner today and many snacks in between. Luke went to school today on a bus and got a library book and was taught by a great teacher. Alyssa played with her toys and went shopping with me and got to wear a dress. We played Scene It tonight in our living room and I read Luke a "chapter book" before bed. They got gifts in the mail. Our woodstove has been burning all day and our furnace will be all night.

Sounds like we've got it made. In many ways we do.

Still, through the whole day I thought a million times about what Joe is missing......How much he would love to have dinner with his hold them....kiss them goodnight. I thought about him playing the game with us and I even thought of what he would think of John Edwards speech.


It's different for everyone.

And it can change in an instant.

I wish I could focus on what I have 100% of the time. That doesn't seem possible for me at this time. Maybe as more time goes by I will be able to do that.

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Heather said...

Yes, Rob, I see exactly what you mean! As soon as I got your email I came right away to look at this post... and yes, I can see how similar they are... and yes, I think it is sooo weird (such similar thoughts on the same day). I often think the links are surreal and weird between us -- even tiny things like when I see photos of Luke dressed in the exact same clothes that I dress K & O in, even though we're so far apart. And, as always (throughout our friendship), I so often feel like I totally 'get it' when I read your thoughts on your blog and/or email, and sometimes I think so deeply about you that I feel like I'm almost right there with you. We're connected.