Monday, February 4, 2008

Okay people, stay with me here. I have a story and some people might find it a little nutty or whatever, but I am putting it on this blog so I don't have to repeat it time after time. I don't necessarily like to hash and rehash this stuff, but it all goes into my brain and I "use" various bits of information as necessary.

The story is this....for a few weeks I have been in contact with a woman who lives in California who also lost her husband last year in a motorcycle accident. At night sometimes I surf the internet for "answers" (as if I would find any) and I was looking for bereavement communities, specifically people who were like me. So I found this woman. I emailed her and we have been in contact and by all accounts she seems to be a nice, "regular" type of person, whatever that means, but you know what I mean.

So after a lot of emails over many days she tells me she has something to tell me that she has shared with her own friends and they are stunned when she tells them....and they say she should tell me. So this is part of her email:

Back in August (i don't remember the exact day), I was online in a chat room that was being held by 3 well known "Mediums" one was Rita Berkowitz. People would send in a question and randomly (if you were lucky enough) one of them would respond. There were literally hundreds of people in the chat room so I didn't expect to hear back but about a 1/2 hour into it, suddenly, an answer popped up.

My question was:
I recently suffered a tragic loss in my life. Do you feel any
connection to me from my loved one who just passed over?

This was her response:
I am feeling a male figure very strongly. Someone of deep love for you. I am feeling extreme pain in my head now. There is the feeling of a hard "hit" or slamming down. I'm feeling it is your husband. He is no longer in pain now. He wants you to now he is with someone named Joe who just came. They are together.

At first, I didn't know anyone named Joe... And then the other day, you told me your husband's name was Joe. Could this be true? Are they together now? Was Gary there to help Joe when he passed? Did they bring us together? I believe...yes.

Rita Berkowitz is also amazing in that she draws pictures of the spirits she sees and when she shows them to the loved ones, the resemblance is overwhelming! After you told me his name, I sent her an e-mail with a general question. (she is back east) Since I live on the west coast, do you ever do phone readings? She wrote back, yes just give my office a call to schedule a time. I'm feeling like I want to know more about this experience and I will call her. I hope it was ok that I told you this. For me... these "signs" give me much needed hope.

So that is the story. Take it for what you will. I just listen to what anyone has to tell me and in my brain it goes. At any rate, regardless of what anyone thinks, it is kind of funny for me to think about her finding out that my husband's name was Joe, a fact that I did not tell her until after many emails between us (I always referred to him as "my husband").

And.........I don't need anybody telling me "that's stupid" or "that's crazy" or "Joe's a common name" or whatever. Death is too personal of a subject for me to debate at this time.


Steph said...

It doesn't seem odd at all to me that Joe would make friends with another Harley guy as soon as he arrived.
I'm glad you came across this woman Robin...I think it's amazing.

Anonymous said...

I still get goosebumps about this story. I think it is very, very cool.


Heather said...

You know how I feel about it Robin! :)
I am a believer.

Stina said...

I think ANYTHING is possible.