Sunday, March 16, 2008

How things have changed

At least once per week I dream/fantasize about buying an RV, packing up my kids and driving off into the sunset.

Grandparents: Remove your hands from your chest, I'm not going anywhere.




Steph said...

You know what Rob?
I think you should start planning a fun vacation for you and the kids. Somewhere warm and sunny. I
know it would be hard in many respects, but I think it would also be a nice change of pace and scenery that might be refreshing to your body and soul.

Get on a plane (even though I know you don't want to) go see Kim, or visit Mickey or some fabulous resort where they cater to kids. The kids will have fun and you'll love seeing them have fun.
I'll come too if you need some support...What do ya say?

Heather said...

Yes! Steph has a really good idea here!!! Go on a vaca! You can come to PA if you want (not quite sunny florida, but it is *away*, and we have a pool)! But yes, you should do it-- go on a vaca! Or rent an RV for a week this summer!

JoAnn said...

I dont care where u go...
but your takin me with u!
mom can come live with heather for a while.

Anonymous said...

don't forget Meme and Papa were up for it.... Love Meme

Anonymous said...

robin, you know i will go on the plane with you. m.o.m.