Saturday, March 15, 2008

These last days have been bad, bad, bad. I am just so angry to be in the situation that I am in, on so many levels. Then I feel guilty to some extent because I have so much to be thankful for.

Tonight I was talking to someone on the phone in a somewhat lighthearted conversation and I said...."I was at a birthday party today with a magician"....then I said...."while I was watching his tricks all I kept thinking was "can you make me disappear"'. I couldn't even believe that I said it out loud and it was also kind of inappropriate considering I don't know the person I was talking to very well.

Oh well.


Steph said...

It's okay Robin.
Say what you need to.

Keep writing.
Get it out.

Everyone is listening.
Pulling for you.
Praying for yoo.

char said...

Hello robin Its great what your doing and you are getting it out. I se one up also thank you for telling me about it my blog is...... charlene