Sunday, March 23, 2008

I made a huge mistake tonight.

I searched online for Joe's name, which I do sometimes to see if there are any new things written about Joe, the accident, etc.

I came across a website on which someone had posted the original article from the newspaper about the accident and then later the article about the lawsuit. I read the comments from people (motorcyclists) and some of them were basically saying things that bothered me. I posted a comment to the site clearing up some of the confusion about the actual place the accident occurred and also stated that people should not be judgemental in situations like this since all details are not printed in newspaper articles. In the comment I said that I was the widow involved.

There were two comments posted below mine (which I have since removed) and one of them actually said that it appears as though I am trying to proft from the death of my husband, and that "money will not help my children" or something to that extent.

I am very upset. In addition the guy said, "It appears as if you think your husband's life is worth about $3.5million, did you think that before the accident? ie: was there a $3.5million life insurance policy?"

When I read that I was enraged. I deleted my post because I felt like there is just no need to explain myself to people, and to even try would be a mistake. I knew there are people out there that think this stuff who don't know me, but to see it there in black and white, said right to me, was bad. Obviously this guy thinks 3.5million is a lot of money.....and guess what normally it is...but NO, SIR, MY HUSBAND WAS NOT WORTH 3.5MILLION. HIS LIFE WAS NOT WORTH ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY. This guy actually thinks that I THINK that any amount of money would make a dent the pain felt by myself and my children. To say to me, "IT APPEARS ON THE SURFACE AS IF YOU ARE TRYING TO PROFIT FROM THE DEATH OF YOUR HUSBAND".

This is just so wrong on so many levels. I don't even know what to do with myself after reading that. I should have never even posted anything. That was a mistake.


Heather said...

Oh Rob, I know this doesn't give you any solace--- but for every one person who thinks you are somehow 'wrong' there are 1000 of us who think you're absolutely right. And *ANYONE* who *KNOWS* you at *ALL* knows for absolute sure just what a wonderful person, mother, wife you are.
My wish for you right now is this: Peace that passes understanding.

Anonymous said...

Robin, You hold your head up and go on because those comments are from the pit of hell and do not want you to have peace. We all know who you are and that is a wonderful Mom and the best wife any man could ask for in there life time. I was blessed to have you being the mother of my grandchildren and never thought of you as my daughter in- law I always and still do think of you as my daughter. May God grant you the peace that passes understanding. Love Meme Papa

Anonymous said...

you're right, robin, you have no need to explain anything. those people don't know what you have been through and what your future with your children is going to be. until it happens to them they can criticize anyone without understanding and empathy to what the real story is. that is the way the world is. don't buy into it and make your self miserable. use your favorite expression. "Whatever!"

cindy said...

let those people walk in your shoes( and live in your head) for one day then ,and only then can they pass judgment.

Jody said...

As I know I have said to you before those people have no clue... they do not know you and for that matter they do not DESERVE to know you! You are the most amazing Mother and your love for Joe shows everyday. Anyone that knows you knows the truth so remember that.