Saturday, April 12, 2008

I can't really explain what an exasperating day Friday was for me. I feel like my stress level has hit an all-time high. However, the end of the day brough r-e-l-i-e-f. A huge part of my stress was from a situation that came about in the past few weeks which I have posted nothing about, but has been huge in my life. What happened is that two Mondays ago my mother was diagnosed with uterine cancer. Yesterday she had a successful operation which they are very hopeful removed it all. She'll have quite a bit of recovery time now, but she'll be fine!

This situation brought about for me the most desperate time of needing my husband. From the moment my mother told me, which was on the phone because she had been waiting for biopsy results from the doctor, I felt a genuine need for Joe. Not a missing or a longing as I usually feel, but an all-business, this is serious, I need my husband type of feeling. It was awful. Many nights in the last two weeks I would cry and think, "God...not my mother.....I can't lose my husband and my mother....". I know I am crazy in that way...that my mind goes to the worst place and honestly I tried not to dwell and I think I did well, but at night when I had nothing else to think about those nasty fears would hit me. But now, thankfully it is over. And I am so thankful that we got good news, and that we have good doctors and that they caught it early enough to treat. I know that many families do not get good news, and my heart breaks for them.


And for those of you who can....hug your husbands/wives....they offer comfort in times of crisis.


Katie said...

I am so glad that everything is OK with your Mom!!!

Steph said...

You DID do a good job of remaining positive! I think we all did...including and ESPECIALLY Mom.
She BELIEVES her work is not yet done here and it showed in her courageous attitude.
What a wonderful example she set for all of us.
Thank you Mom!
You are so loved!

(and thank you DAD, for taking such good care of her now and in the coming weeks)

Anonymous said...

This sure was an answer to prayer. May God give your mom a fast recovery and yes I agree that everyone who is blessed to still have there mom's and husbands to hold them dearly today......and tomorrow's that God allows us to.

Heather said...

I love you too Gram!!!