Sunday, May 4, 2008


Yes, hello to my peeps. I am alive and I am okay. I thank you for all of your email.

We spent the day at Meme and Papa's house with the Chalifour side of the family. The kids had a good day as they always do over there. My day was..............good?.....considering the circumstances, though I was dreading coming home to an empty house, and the night-time hours by myself. That part just isn't fun, but, what can I do?

When I got home I really wanted to go to the cemetery and I had the phone in my hand to call my friend up the road to watch my kids. But then I decided if I went I would be there for an hour and it was too late. So I went outside to my little tree and cried til Alyssa tromped out to find me in her bug rainboots with an umbrella. Funny at age 4 I can still divert her attention so easily away from my tears.

All things considered, my weekend went okay, and there were some definite bright spots.




Anonymous said...

i can just see alyssa marching out to see what you were doing. she is a character for sure.

Anonymous said...

Alyssa was saying to you in her own little way It's going to be alright Mom...

Jody said...

Next time you better call!