Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Joe wanted a motorcycle for a long time. I always was against it. He talked about it a lot at different times in our dating and married relationship. When we were dating I had told him that if he quit smoking cigarettes, I wouldn't mind if he got a motorcycle. The deal was one year from his quit date he could get a bike. In my mind there was way more chance of him dying from smoking than dying on a bike. That was my reasoning. We shook on it.

Years later after two children and years more smoking, he was on the bike kick again. I just rolled my eyes every time but he really was not giving up this time and our motorcycle discussions went on for months. At some point he had remembered our old agreement. He asked me if I'd still honor it and I said yes. I wasn't really happy about it, but, we had shaken on it way back when. And, I still thought, he had way more of a chance of dying from smoking butts than from riding a Harley.

I was wrong.

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