Sunday, February 15, 2009

There is a hearing on Thursday at Strafford County Court in Dover at 1 o'clock pertaining to whether the license of the driver (who caused my husband's death) will be revoked (again). You may remember that his license was revoked by the State of NH for 3 years. The decision was appealed and no one from the State showed up at the hearing due to a clerical error. I was unaware that any appeal had even been made, as was the rest of Joe's family. The judge gave the guy his license back pendng the new hearing, which is February 19th. It is open to the public. Contact me if you have questions.


Annette said...

Hi - Let's hope they take the license for a long long time!

I also hope there is a good turn out from the public in support of this.

Thinking of you.

josh said...

I'll be there. You won't see me because i'll be working, but i'll be there.

Kristine said...

I'll be thinking about You, along with the rest of Joe's Friends and Family tomorrow! Hoping for the best!


Sheila said...

I just realized that as I am sitting here reading this post, the hearing was taking place in New Hampshire. As I sit here in Minnesota, I am sending positive thoughts to you, Robin; I am hoping for a just verdict.