Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I have this "thing" with the number 25. If you asked Luke what mommy's favorite number is, he would tell you "25". It's always been my number since I was young. I think when I was a 11 or 12 something good happened on the 25th of a month, and specifically, ironically enough, I think it was July 25. I don't even remember at this point what that was, but 25 stayed with me through all of these years. I may have even told some of you at some point "good things happen to me on the 25th of a month". This is probably stupid to say in a public forum, but 25 is attached to almost every password I've ever had. It's my number.
When I looked at the calendar the week before the accident, I thought to myself with a smile, I am going home on the 25th to be with Joe.
And now I am haunted by the date. July 25.
It's strange.


Dew said...

It's interesting how we connect with a number or a date. 25's will never be the same. Even July 25th, being Julie's birthday, I will always remember Joe.

Thanks for writing - everything you write.
I check nearly every day.

Steph said...

Oh Robin, I didn't know that.
That IS strange.

Linz said...

Hey Robbin, say Hi to Luke and Alyssa for me! I've been trying to read as much as I can but its been busy. My mom reads your blog all the time. It hasn't really hit me yet that Joe is gone, but that is because I don't see him much. When I go up to the camp it will be obvious that someone is missing. He was the life of the party! Everytime I think about Joe one thing keeps popping into my head, Joe lipsinking to Greese. That cracked me up! And now I am more thankful for what I have-not sorry for what I don't have, and I apprietiate everything more. I also include you and your family in my prayers everynight. Anyway, I can't wait to see you, Luke, and Allysa up at the camp. See you soon! (by the way this was Lindsay)