Thursday, August 30, 2007


Today I had to go to the monument place to figure out what kind of stone to put at the cemetery. The whole thing is just unbelievable.....these things that I am doing....I keep thinking to myself....this is CRAZY that I am doing this. How can I be sitting at a monument place deciding what should be written at Joe's grave? It's all just completely insane. The last thing I want is to see his name written in stone with dates next to it. So I don't know. I think I pretty much decided to get a granite bench, and just have "Chalifour" on it. Later on I can figure out what I want for a "marker" as it's called (a flat piece of stone with his name/dates/saying or whatever). I think a bench might be good though. That will alleviate the matted down patch of grass where I've been sitting. Word is probably circulating through town..."who's that crazy lady in the cemetery?".


Steph said...

I think a granite bench would be very nice.
I'm sorry you have to do all these things Robin. It IS crazy.

Kim said...

Robin, I am not trying to be funny here. I wish you could put a granite harley. I think Joe would get a kick out of that. And as far as the dates: there should be two sets of dates. May 4, 1970-July 25th, 2007.

And then, July 25, 2007-forever in our hearts.

You are an amzing person Robin.

Katie said...

I think the granite bench idea is a very, very nice touch. Because you are such a thoughtful person who puts "some Robin" into everything you do, I'm sure it will all be beautifully done.