Monday, September 10, 2007

Wedding Ring

On the day of the accident I left camp to come home to NH, without the kids, to spend a few days with Joe alone in our house. I was going to do some shopping on those days while he was at work. I was thinking about going to some jewelry stores to look for a wedding band. I have never had a wedding band. The reason why is because when looking for one before getting married, I found a wrap for my engagement ring that I really loved. However it was kind of an odd shape and a band did not sit right against it. So on the day that we got married, he put the wrap on my finger instead.
A few years later I found another wrap that I loved even more. After telling Joe about it, he secretly went to the jewelry store and figured out which one it was and gave it to me one morning on my birthday. Those rings are what have worn through our 7 years of marriage.
On the night of the accident, while still at the hospital, Diane handed me Joe's wedding band. He rarely took it off, and obviously it was on his finger when he was in the accident. It breaks my heart to even think of the irony of it all.
I wasn's sure if I should put the ring back onto Joe's finger so that he could wear it "eternally". But in the end I couldn't give it up. I wear it now, next to the other rings he gave me. It is the only thing that I hold onto of his right now. His clothes and all of his other possessions sit where he left them. I can't touch them yet. But his ring is on my finger.
I can't believe this.


Steph said...

I'm glad you wear it.
I'm glad you kept it.

It is a symbol of his eternal love for you. Love never dies.

Tracey said...

Sounds like the band was a special gift meant for you from him!!

Steph is right...That ring holds a strong meaning..."Eternal Love"