Thursday, December 18, 2008

I received this comment on a post below from December 8.

Justin has left a new comment on your post "Tonight I am devastated. Once again I am left sho...":

ok i understand you are upset with all of this . but as i know your hubby could of broke and missed the truck . this is both of their falts . i am sure he has lost alot of sleep over this . but he does need to drive to make money for his family . you are one sided . if you can sit back and look at your hubby speeding with chicken in between his lags and not useing the full stoping power of his bike and say its all jeremy's falt you are wrong !!! it is both sides falts . your hubby could of broke or even pushed over 3 more inches and missed the truck . jeremy could of waited for him to pass . but you hubby was speeding down a very bad road . you need to lighten up i am sorry and all but for real you are putting all your blame in one place and thats not right . i aint saying jeremy should get off scott free . yes he shouldnt be able to drive outside of work . but they should let him drive for work

Dear Justin:

If you were to speak to the detective in charge of this case and read the police report, you would see that the police do not and have never believed that my husband was speeding. In fact, I have been told MANY times and since the beginning that they believe my husband was going between 30 and 35 miles an hour, which was below the posted speed limit. As for your theory that he was carrying something between is legs, that is just simply not true either. The reason why I know that is because the detective in charge found what my husband purchased at hannaford in his saddlebags. I know that to be true because they impounded the bike and the contents rotted in there and smelled terrible enough that the officer told me about it. He also did not buy chicken.

As to your comment that my husband could have "pushed over 3 more inches" that is absurd. The State Police determined that EVERY inch of the road was covered by the truck and trailer. Mr. Kean's own lawyer did not even dispute that fact. Whatever information you are getting is wrong. Furthermore, if you know SO MUCH about this case, you would know that my husband hit the truck NOT the trailer. So if you thinking that he hit the back of the trailer you are entirely wrong. You can speak to the DNA/forensic experts in Concord about that if you want.

What the police DO say is that they believe that my husband did not use his full braking power. However, can you Justin, say how you would react when you are driving a motorcycle and a dump truck pulling a trailer suddenly pulls in front of you? Can you say how you would react in ANY panic situation? Do you know that when my husband learned to ride a motorcycle the safety courses taught you to NEVER use your front brake when trying to stop quickly? Do you know that my husband rode his bike and did EXACTLY what he was taught to do when he took those safety courses? The fact of the matter is that had the dump truck not pulled in front of my husband, the accident would not have occurred. It says those exact words in the final invetigation and the detective in charge said that to the newspaper months ago, which you can look up if you want to.

Furthermore, I will remind you that I am not the one that decided that Jeremy should lose his license, the STATE OF NH DID. Of course I am one sided in this, my husband was killed in this accident. What exactly would you expect.

As to your comment of him being able to drive for work "so he can make money for his family" I say this: Does MY husband have the luxury to work and make money for HIS family? What you are proposing is to give him a "punishment" but don't make it inconvenience him too much. That you can take up with the State of NH, since again, THEY are the ones that took away his license.

Had you been brave enough to leave an email address for me or not make your profile private, I would have answered your comment directly. It is not fair to me to say those things and expect me not to respond so there is your response. I do appreciate your comment though, because it gives me insight into what misinformation and lies are spread around. I base all of my information on fact, from the police and other official sources, including people who were at the scene. Your information is all based on a made-up story that people circulate so that they can sleep at night I guess. I would have no idea if your friend Jeremy has lost sleep over this because that has never been conveyed to me. Tell me Justin, if an accident occurred tragically taking the person that you loved most on this earth and the driver who caused it never conveyed a word of condolence to you, EVER, how would you feel? You tell me that.

This blog is really intended for my family and others who loved my husband, because he was an unbelievable human. People who read it know that I am a grieving woman working through many issues. If you don't like it, then don't read it. Please.


Anonymous said...

I'm compelled to respond, because, as a reader who has gained great insight and strength from your blog, it is offensive that this person is even reading, let along writing awful things to you. He doesn't appreciate what you're doing. Of course, you have your own perspective of the blog. There are times it conveys great pain. In all, though, I see it as a great expression of the human journey - one that, overall, is full of hope. I am so sorry you received this message.

Katie said...

Well said, Robin. Don't let some moron who can't even write properly get you down. Ignorant people will never see the truth.
If Justin doesn't like the opinions expressed in this blog than I would suggest he doesn't read...or maybe he should so he can pass on to his other ignorant friends what the truth is.
What I will make clear, is that one CANNOT take a human life and expect not to have to pay in some way, shape or form. Jeremy will lose his license for a short amount of time in the grand scheme of life.
Joe is not coming back to the ones he loved the most.
In my opinion, justice has not been served.
If he needs to make money for his family, take the bus.

Love u Joe, miss you always.

Anonymous said...

unbelievable!!! it just goes to show that people will believe what they want to believe in spite of the facts. i was with you when the police officer sat at your kitchen table and talked about the saddle bag with the awful smell of the fish. (the fish that joe was going to cook on the outside grill in celebration of your 7th wedding anniversary.) i heard the officer tell you that their was no room for joe to maneuver by or around that truck and trailer. (if he had of tried he might have injured or killed someone in the left lane. even in panic mode it was not a thought that joe considered.)

Anonymous said...

haven't finished yet. i'm mad! that officer also said that joe was not speeding. i have never heard or read any official report that said he was speeding. it just goes to show that people will believe what they want true or not.
what i know for sure is that WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND!
ok, i'm done now. mom

Kristine said...

Robin, as usual, you have handled this ridiculousness with such class and grace! It is very frustrating to me that Justin is so uneducated on the facts here, not only he is uneducated, but also ignorant, and cowardly to post such remarks with a "no-reply" email. What is important here is that the facts are just that, they are FACTS. Justin has not taken the time to research the facts in this case before making such insane comments. Please do not let this type of behavior get you down, find comfort in knowing that Joe did everything right, regardless of what these insignificant people like Justin believe.

Leigh said...

what a total LOSER this "justin" character is. It was disgusting to read what he wrote and ridiculous hearing him make his false accusations. Once again your strength, intelligence, and perseverance shine through what is horrible, hurtful and debilitating. "justin" simply has no class, and for that matter, no human quality in my mind. he is not worth a response and most likely does not have the intelligence to comprehend it.
You remain an inspiration to me. My thoughts continue to be with you and your family, and my hope is that someday, justice will be served.

Anonymous said...

Robin, I am sorry for upseting you. I am just giving an opinion from the other side of the situation. I dont know Jeremy but am aware of the situation( Rochester is a small town) I believe justice needs to be served but I guess in a different way. I am truly sorry. You have a right to an opinion as do I . I will leave your blog to you and your family. You will not hear from me. Good luck to you. I am sorry for not emailing privately. Justin

Anonymous said...

if you were going to try and make a point, wouldn't you try to write it intelligently? check your grammar justin.

Janice (aka HRH, Mme. L) said...

Dear Robin, I have read your blog for a little while now, I live in NH as well, and honestly, found it on blogger simply by clicking "next blog" from one I was reading. You and I are about the same age, have kids the same age, and I read your blog to see how you are, since I am not sure how I would handle the same situation. I always hope for your healing and peace. I was hurt for you with the way the State dropped the ball with license revocation of the driver. Quite possibly, I would have driven myself to the Attorney General's office to file a complaint that very day. (and on to the Governor if I hadn't gotten any satisfaction..) I can't believe this "Justin" posted to you here. I am sorry you have to deal with and process that here. Please know, there are people who are pulling for you whom you have never met, like me.

Sheila said...

You never cease to amaze me. You are a classy, articulate woman who always seems to handle every situation (no matter how crappy) with grace and dignity. I often wonder how I would handle things if in your shoes.

I believe that you are correct in stating that these ridiculous comments (coming from someone who is obviously uneducated) are an example of Jeremy Kean's lies. Lies spread in an attempt to live with what he is done.

I must say that I gained just a little bit of peace at the thought that maybe, just maybe, Kean is up at night, feeling guilty about taking Joe's life. He SHOULD feel guilty.

I take a bit of comfort in the fact that he has to live the rest of his life with sleepless nights.

Perhaps one day he will be man enough to express his condolences. In the meantime, know that there are people out there who love you and are silently sending you support. Obviously there are more people out there than you may ever be aware of.


Heather said...

Um...I dont like people. And I think this Justin person is fake. I think this Justin person needs to get his facts straight. However, I think this Justin person should mind his own business because my uncles death should have no concern to him. I think this Justin person also obviously has no life but to sit around and judge with obviously unreliable sources. I think I could go on forever about what I think about this Justin person but I will not because I do have my mothers short temper and the more I get to thinking about it the more I will flip my lid. haha


Heather said...

OMG. I don't know how you cope with this. I'm reading this now, closely, for the first time and I just feel my blood boiling. "Justin" needs to learn compassion. Ironically, there is no more compassionate of a person on this planet than you Robin. My only hope is that this jerk will learn a thing or two from reading your beautiful blog. In the meantime... HANG IN THERE and remember that you are *LOVED*.