Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Yesterday my friend Jamie was here all day so I was distracted from my current state of hatred with the world. Yes, hatred. Today soon after I woke up I was on a serious mission for an answer to WHY THE JUDGE GAVE THE DRIVER HIS LICENSE BACK.

After I got my kids ready for school, put my son on the bus and brought my daughter to preschool (all the while in an extremely agitated, no patience with them state), I came home and started making phone calls. I called the attorney for the state who is currently handling the case, he was not in. I called a victim's rights advocate that had helped early after the accident, she was not in. I researched online for other victim's rights agencies in NH. I found one and called and was passed around and told they would figure out who I should talk to and have them call me back. I asked her "someone will call me SOON?" and she said "yes". No one has called me back. I called the case manager at the Superior Court that I spoke with the other day. I told her I wanted to know WHY the judge gave the driver his license back. She said didn't have specific information on that, except that in the notes (or whateve they are called) from the appeal hearing it said that no one from the State showed up for the hearing. She said I can file motions that will be reviewed by the court and possibly get more information. That's what I get-paperwork. Busywork that I don't have the time for or the mental state for since I have two young kids that are always at my sides, but I will do it. Kids that will ask me "where is this place we are going mommy and why are we going?" when I take them to the courthouse to file the motions. That's what I get-paperwork instead of answers.

So then I called again on the newspaper reporter that I emailed and left a phone message with on Monday and had not heard back from. I got him on the phone and talked to him for a while. All I can say is that sometime if a reporter starts asking questions then people are more aware of the decisions they make since they may be held accountable.

I just do not know what else to do. Does anyone out there have any ideas? I feel so lost, like everywhere I turn I get no answers and have no way of fighting back so to speak. To be heard in this case.

The thing is that WE ALREADY DID THIS. We ALREADY went to Concord and had a hearing. It was a painful day for all of Joe's family that attended. A Hearing's Examiner already spent the time hearing both sides of the case and ruled that the driver should lose his license for three years. We already did the work. Why did the judge just dismiss all of that and give him his license back? It makes no sense to me.

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Kristine said...

You may have done this, I am not sure, but maybe you should consider calling Kelly Ayotte's office, there has to be someone you can talk to at the higher level within our Justice System. I am on the website right now,, and they talk a lot about the rights of victims and their families. If anything, if this is escalated to someone at the top, with any luck, some can be held accountable for missing the court date, things getting lost in the shuffle is a poor excuse for this type of event. This is just unacceptable, you deserve answers and calls back. I will continue investigating, I will give you as many ideas as I can. Sorry again that this is something that you are continuing to deal with!